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10 Fashion Faux Pas Ruining Your Style Game

Most of us have had our fashion faux pas moments. Some of us laugh looking back at our fashion choices and some of us cringe at our decisions. We all want to leave the house everyday feeling like we look the best we can. What you may not realise is that you could be committing a style faux pas. So here is the Sugher guide to avoid any mishaps in the future.

1. Showing too much skin

I see a common misconception that in order to look stylish or sexy, we must bare too much skin. Ladies, this idea needs to leave the building right now. There is a thin line between looking sexy and crass. Showing too much skin does not make you look sexy, it is a one way ticket to looking vulgar!

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2. Improper fit

Don’t confuse yourself with over sized clothes and ill fitting clothes. Too large or too small it does not matter. Even if you have spent a million bucks on them and if they don’t fit right, it will make you look like garbage.

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3.Wearing knock off/fake designer

Knock off is the ultimate faux pas. It is easy to fall prey to those irresistible deals on passable Chanel bags, but people are so well versed with designer pieces its hard to turn a blind eye towards a fake. I agree designer goods are often out of reach, but that is no excuse to buy a fake with a designers logo. Personally I think carrying a fake only does more damage than boost the image you are trying to get people to perceive.

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4. Not dressing for the occasion

See most people go wrong here. This happens when you don’t plan or think about the occasion you are attending. Just because you have bought a new dress you do not wear it to a pyjama party. It is also important to dress for the season. Certain clothes are restricted to certain places.

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5. Bling overload

Going overboard with accessories will only make you look like a Christmas tree and it is one of the worst fashion mistakes to commit. As Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

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6. Visible underwear

There is no excuse for visible bra straps or VPL (visible panty line). No matter which designer you are wearing, if you miss  wearing the right inner wear it will pull down your look. It will only make the dress look tacky.

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7. Going overboard with nail art.

This is one trend that I can’t wrap my head around. With each passing day there are more fillers that is added to make it more ugly than it already is. Ladies,this trend needs to hibernate now!

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8. False complexion

In the west it is trying to get a fake tan and in India using whitewashed makeup to look more fair skinned. Both these extremes only make you look fake and unnatural.

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9. Getting obsessed with trends

Just because its trendy does not mean you have to own it! A trend that looks good on a magazine cover does not mean it will work for you. Investing in each passing trend is only making you lose tons of money.

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10. Label overload

Matching your Louis Vuitton belt to your Louis Vuitton bag and Louis Vuitton shoes?? Tacky, tacky, tacky!!! One should never allow herself to look like a poster girl for Louis Vuitton. Flashing designer labels head to toe with logos is a major fashion faux pas.

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With these top ten faux pas eliminated from your wardrobe choices, we at Sugher can promise you that you are ahead of so many people in your style game!

Stay stylish! xoxo

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