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10 Trends That Need To Die In 2017!


Like every year, this year, we’ve seen an abundance of downright bad ideas. There have been some seriously cringe worthy eyebrow and makeup trends, bizarre fabric choices, and unexpected silhouettes that have just blown our mind away with how unnecessary they are!

To make sure you’re not committing any of these fashion faux pas, we’ve ranked 2017’s most unnecessary trends. As you scroll, if you want to say “Please, make it stop”, you are definitely not alone.


1. The Feathered Eyebrows

When they made them big, we were in love. But then they did this… You don’t need to split your brows down the middle to make them look like feathers because they’re beautiful just the way they are. Just stop…

2. Nose Hair

You’ve been warned. These pictures just make me upset. Beauty igers need to get a life and stop creating these looks.

3. Wavy Anything!

Then there was the wavy eyebrows and wavy lips!!

Just to test our patience. (eye roll!)

4. Too much glitter is NOT gold!

We have always seen a glitter obsession. But after glitter on hair, glitter in makeup and finally glitter in armpits and booty, it got too much for us. Anyone who has ever used glitter can vouch for the fact that its really really hard to wash off and spreads everywhere!

When you’re too lazy to shave.. 💁🏼ROCK the #glitterpit! ✨Tag a friend that would do this! #glitterarmpits

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5. Hair and Why?

From candy floss hair to holographic hair… These trends have made heads turn, but also made us question as to where aside from a music festival can you wear them.



1. Butt crack jeans

These are not fashion. End of story. They just signal the downfall of fashion.

#VETEMENTSxLEVIS @kevingiacco

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2. Clear Plastic Anything!

We are definitely not a fan of clear plastic making its way onto runway and fashion trends. I really can’t imagine these to be comfortable, if nothing, just think of the sweating.


3. Mom Jeans

Move over sexy boyfriend jeans, this is one of the most unflattering denim fit you can find.

4. Detachable Jeans

This one has many celebs and supermodels sporting it! The detachable jeans, while attached, expose your ‘under butt’, or can be turned into super short hipsters.


5. Half-leg jeans

This trend is quite daring and simple crazy. It makes us question stuff like does your other foot get cold? and… Is it half price??!


Had enough, we certainly hope the fashion frat bringing these crazy trends did!

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