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5 Worst Sex Experiences

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Not all experience meant to be pleasant turn out that way. While getting it on in the sack, an unpleasant experience can really scar you or leave you with a tale for life.Nevertheless, we rounded up 5 unbelievably bad experiences from our Sugher reader’s while “doing the deed”.

worst sex experiences

*No names have been shared to protect privacy.

 1.He thinks he’s a rockstar

I had been dating this guy for a while and things were getting hot and happening but we hadn’t gone all the way yet. So after dinner one night, he invited me to his place and things got really exciting. When he undressed, his dick was soo tiny, I was really disappointed. That was only the beginning, he kind of pumped two or three times which I didn’t feel at all. The worst part, he asked me “how many times I came?” WORST experience everrrr!!

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2.The screamer

So we met at a friend’s place and hit it off really well. We were both pretty drunk and decided to get frisky. Things were going really great, and he was about to cum and he was screaming so loud like “Awesome” “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” and it kind of just killed my buzz.

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3.The nose biter

I met this guy at work and thought he was really cute. We started texting all the time and soon started dating. But when things started getting intimate, I found out he was obsessed with my nose. He just wanted to keep biting it all the time, and it got him really horny. He kept calling me “doll nose”. IT CREEPED ME OUT.

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4.The crier

We had common friends and met at someone’s birthday party. I asked him if he wanted to go back to my place because my parents were out of town. We had both had quite a bit to drink and we started getting down and dirty. Suddenly he gets up and runs to the bathroom. I assume he wants to throw up. When I go to the bathroom he is in a corner crying his heart out screaming “I’m fat, nobody loves me.” Weird much?

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5.The farter

We had been dating for a while and had sex a couple of times, but nothing very significant. So this one time, we had met after a couple of weeks and we were dying to get it on. In between he pulls out and says give me a minute. I wait while he lets out the loudest fart and this horrible smell envelops the room. It took me a while to have sex with him again.

worst sex experiences

Some of these experiences are downright funny, and some totally weird. One thing is for sure, having no sex is better than bad sex! 😀

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