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Mother’s Day : 8 Ways to make your mother feel special

Every mom is special in her own way. The unique bond between mother and child cannot be described, a mother is the most selfless person who puts her child before herself. If there is one person that deserves to be spoiled and celebrated it would be her. So with Mothers Day around the corner, we have put down some fun ideas to spoil your mum and honour her.

1. Dedicate this day to her.

Give your mum the gift of time. Take a day off and surprise your mom by spending your day with her. Treat her by taking her out for dinner or a play. The activity is less important. The important part is spending quality time together to talk and reconnect.

mothers day

2. Take a class together.

Take a cooking class or health class together. Not only is it fun but you also learn new things by bonding over new experiences and create memories. If you can’t find a class nearby then try and create the experience at home by baking or trying out a new recipe together.

mothers day

3. Find an old friend of your mom and help them reconnect.

Surely your mum would have mentioned her friends from the past and her experiences with them. Then life happened and they lost touch. You can surprise her by finding her long lost friends through google, social media like Facebook, etc and help them reconnect.

mothers day

4. Cook her a meal.

Your mum might have a mini heart attack when she finds you in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal or at least trying to put a decent meal on the table. She might even try to stop you or offer to help, but it will definitely put a smile on her face.

mothers day

5. Go through old albums

We sometimes forget cherished memories until photographs reminds us of certain places and times. Reminiscing will bring back the love and you might share a good laugh together. This way you get to know how your mum grew up or some of experiences she had while you were growing up together.

mothers day

6. Take her on a date

Mothers are so busy trying to run the family and home smoothly that they often forget to take time off for themselves. So this is the perfect time to take her on a spa date or a pedicure to make her feel relaxed. You can also get her a new haircut so she feels good about herself and can experiment a new style to rock!

mothers day

7. Give her a clean house.

Yes, this will definitely make her feel like its her day off when she has one less thing to worry about. You can also help finish other tasks on her to-do list, or things that she may have been asking for your help with.

mothers day

8. Pen down a handwritten note.

There is nothing like a handwritten note. Pen down the reasons why she is special and acknowledge her for the contribution she has made in you life. Tell her that you realise some of your best qualities came from her. She will love the compliment, and she will be thrilled that you have reflected on this.

mothers day
There is a lot you can do or even buy for your mother, however, remember you choose to honour her with the time you spend and that the connection you make with each other is what matters the most. Life does not come with a manual, but it comes with a mother!

Let’s show her that we love her! ♥

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