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Everything You Need to Know: Acrylic nails

Acrylic Nails

“Your hands and feet never take a day off so take care of them”.

This is the sign board that hangs on the wall of the nail salon where I get my nails done. I for one am a firm believer of what it conveys. Having well groomed nails is very important. And acrylic nails have become my favourite.

Your hands are the first thing that are usually noticed, given that its not covered and if you’re one who gestures often, its practically always in someone’s face!

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I have an obsession for well-groomed nails, so much so that I jump at the chance to do the nails of my friends and closed ones. This also gives me ample opportunity to take secret pride in giving them nail advice.

My obsession for well-groomed nails started way back when I was is in high school. I have been blessed with nails that are naturally strong but lately I’ve had some chipping. And I have always wanted to try acrylic nails. All I can say is this post gave me a reason to explore this area, and let’s just say it’s taken my obsession to the next level.


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So, Why Acrylic?

Acrylic nails guarantee good looking nails at all times:

Your nails are going to be perfect in shape and uniform in size at all times. Given the strength of the acrylic nails, they are very durable. Even if you do manage to break them, they can be easily fixed.


Acrylic NailsImages by: Pinterest


There is a lot of space for creativity here, you can be outrageous with length, colour, shape, size and finish. At the same time you can get them as natural looking and real possible. It allows great scope for adaptability where in you can change the shape however and when ever you want.

acrylic-nailsImage By: Kristen

Keeping your Bad Habits

For some of us who can’t keep our nails from being tampered by constantly chewing on them, acrylic can help you curb that habit and keep your nails irresistibly good looking.

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Apart from all these amazing benefits, it also comes with a care label if you want your manicure to look as good as when you got your nails done.


Tips to Having Great Acrylic Nails:

-Make sure you have them done by a professional nail technician, not only are you paying for the quality of the product but also the expert knowledge required to make them last longer.

-Keep your hands as dry as possible and make sure you always keep your hands clean. You don’t want the water to tamper with glue applied. It may also lead to infection.

-Regularly fill in your nails. This is essential. Since your natural nails tend to grow, I would advice to not go more than 2 weeks with out a fill in, as it will loose the appearance and also tend to fall off if the time period extends.

-Make sure to use non-acetone remover while taking off your nail colour. Acetone tends to deteriorate the acrylic.

-Keep your cuticles well moisturized. Oiling them before going to bed goes a long way in long-term maintenance.

Do share this post and let me know about your journey to perfect nails!

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