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Father’s Day: 5 ways to make your father feel special

fathers day

In recent times, celebration has been all about the mothers. We hardly take time off to celebrate the other significant person in our lives, our fathers. They are the silent pillars behind us, watching our every milestone and egging us when we are down.

fathers day

This father’s day, here are 5 ways to make your dad feel special.

1.Make his favourite food

The way to a man’s stomach is through his heart, and your father is no different. It will be a double treat if he gets his food and knows that you took the effort to make it.

2.Create a collage

Collect your dad’s pictures from when he was growing up to now and make a collage.He would love to go down memory lane and reminisce.

fathers day


3.Book him a ride in his favourite car

Dads and their love for automobiles. Book him a ride for the day and accompany him. Nothing like his favourite car and child together.

fathers day

4. Write him a heartfelt note

It is sometimes hard to tell our fathers how we feel and express our emotions. This father’s day write him a heartfelt note, appreciating the things he does and thanking him. It is something that he can keep forever.

fathers day

5.Go out for dinner as a family

With everyone’s hectic schedules, it has become hard to sit down and have family time together. This is the perfect way to just connect and bond over a meal.

fathers day

So this father’s day, stop what you’re doing and take time off to spend with your main man. Always remember our fathers remain our first love and forever hero! Enjoy this father’s day!


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