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Sugher Guide: Your First Aid Kit

Disclaimer: This is not professional medical advice. We do not endorse any medical products. Please check with a doctor or medical care professional in case of any medical condition or health concern. 

Most of us have a basic First Aid kit at home. Sometimes it is made up of left overs from when you sprained your ankle and had that bout of fever. However, a well planned kit keeps your prepared, so you never have to make a run to a medical center in the middle of the night.

Here is a list of OTC (Over the Counter) medical supplies that you need at home to be prepared.

1. Cuts & Sprains

Moms were ever so prepared, right? I remember mine having an ever ready supply of hansa-plast  to take care of my cut every time I fell.

For a well planned kit in case of an injury, your supply should include an antiseptic lotion (like dettol), some cotton, plasters of different sizes, sprain bandage, dressing, gauze, tweezers, safety pins and small scissors.

2. OTC Tablets

Your first aid kit should include medicines for some basic ailments. Here are some ailments, along with some generic medicines available in India.
Fever – Paracetamol (Crocin or Dolo 650)
Painkillers – ibuprofen, Dicoflanac
Headache – Aspirin, Disprin, Dart
Cold – Crocin cold & flu / Cheston Cold
Cough – Cough drops (Strepsils or Vicks)
Antihistamine – Avil
Travel Sickness or Antiemetic tablets- Emeset
Anti-diarrheal – Loperamide
Acid Reflux – Pantoprazole or Digine syrup or tablets.

Always consume medications only under medical supervisions. Please note that it is dangerous to combine medications with alcohol or other drugs.

3. Cream / Powder/ Drops

Panderm (Skin infections)
Neosporin powder (Antibacterial)
Electrolyte Replacement (ORS)
Glucose Powder
Constipation- Isabgol Powder
Calamine lotion for inset bites or rashes
Burn ointment
Menthol balm like Vicks
Nasal Inhaler
Eye drops and Nasal Drops

4. Other essentials

Q-tips, Tampons, thermometer, small flashlight to check ears, nose, throat, and eyes, Hand Sanitizer, Latex gloves, ice packs, hot water bottle.
Your list of essentials can also include other items for you or a family member, and include birth control, blood pressure monitor, blood sugar monitor, asthama inhaler, Epi-pen etc.

Tip: Remember to keep your medical supplies in a closed container in an area away from sunlight and from the reach of small children. 

Stay safe!

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