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Sugher Guide : How To Announce Your Pregnancy

Hey You Beautiful Mamas!

For those of you new here, I am about 30 Weeks preggers now and having announced to friends and family a few months back I felt that announcing my big news was one of the most meaningful, memorable, and fun part of my pregnancy. Announcing that special news to your family or close set of friends is inevitable, but when you choose to announce is such a personal choice, specially in our country, where everyone from your doctor to family and friends will have their share of advice on the matter.

Personally, we wanted our parents to know as soon as we did. So when we found out over a home test and even before I had visited the hospital, I had called my mom and brother over home. For the rest of our close family we waited till our pregnancy was confirmed a couple of days later with a test at the hospital. Along with the test result came the word of caution from our doctor to avoid announcements for the next few months (at least till the end of third month to be precise).

The way I see it, there are pros and cons to an early as well as a late announcement.

One of the best things about announcing early is that you get to share that initial exhilaration with friends. Plus you won’t have to fake it with that expanding waistline or those virgin cocktails. Faking can be particularly hard if you suffer from morning sickness or aversions (which I did).
And lastly, you will also get support, comfort and advice from the mums in your friend circle in case of any complications, which is another biggie.

If you do plan to share early, know that the reason why most couples wait is that the chances of a miscarriage drop dramatically (by over 80%) after the first trimester. This is what makes this such a common time for the “Big Tell”.

Announcing To Your Partner

In my case that didn’t happen. We were together when I took the test. But coming up with a surprise way to announce to your partner can be quite fun! For example, you can also do a simple gift wrap on the pregnancy test as a way of announcement or leave a trail of clues, such as baby stuff around the house.

Announcing To Your Family

Your pregnancy will be special to your family as well, weather it is their first or fourth grand child. Right from the beginning, we knew that we wanted to surprise everyone with a little more than, “Hey, we are pregnant.”. So with my mom, we did a cake that said, “1 month down, 8 more to go”. And for my MIL, we invited her home and gifted her a bag of wool to get knitting!!! 😉
Of course, you can always just tell them, but then where is the fun 😉

A simple way to do this is buy baby items like a pacifier, diaper or bib. You can even make them a custom t-shirt that says “World’s Best Grandma/ Grandpa”

Telling Friends

From experience I can say that sharing the news and seeing their reaction in person is the best way to do it. If they stay far, consider sending baby’s first sonogram over whatsapp. In my case, I chose to invite a bunch of friends over home for dinner and wore a t-shirt dress that clung to me and accentuated my 12 week bump, letting everyone guess it for themselves!

Tip: However you finally decide to reveal, capturing that moment with a video/pictures will make it last forever!

The Reveal on Social Media

Let’s not forget about social media. A lot of people I know didn’t show their bump at all on social media while some hold back until about the 8th or 9th month, with a pregnancy shoot. So again its a choice for you and your partner.
I chose to announce mine in a subtle way with this picture around my 24th week.

Blossoming 🌼🌼🌼Pc: Sartaj Tanweer Photography

Posted by Tamanna Pasha on Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Even though I think most of the virtual world found out about our pregnancy with this picture of us from Halloween. 😉

Happy Halloween from the Pashas 💝#BabyBaker #BunInOven #Halloween

Posted by Tamanna Pasha on Saturday, October 28, 2017


Facebook was an easy way to make sure I had everyone covered – even acquaintances. But personally, I would recommend telling the important people in your life first, before putting it out on the web.

Whether or not you choose to tell the whole world right away, make sure to take care of yourself and your baby. And in this rather overwhelming time, don’t forget to celebrate the small milestones and the joy of becoming a mother.

My world 🌍#CircleofLife #29WeeksPregnant #ThePashaStory

Posted by Tamanna Pasha on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Check out some fun and creative ideas to announce your pregnancy here.

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