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How to Throw A Diwali Party

Plan a Diwali Party
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Diwali is the time for everyone to come together and celebrate this wonderful festival with loved ones. A party on this occasion is a perfect way to spread the aura of happiness that this auspicious festival brings with itself.
Here are a few tips to put together a Diwali party that no one will forget!

1. Budget for Diwali Party

It is very easy to get carried away while hosting a Diwali party. You may spot something beautiful, and just buy it using your Diwali party as an excuse. That is why, you need to fix a budget beforehand. Allocate a certain amount of money for drinks, food, décor and other essentials, and stick to it no matter what.


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2. Guests you want to invite for Diwali   

Start off by thinking who would you like to invite. Of course, you have to invite all your close friends & family members. But, when in doubt about inviting an acquaintance, call the ones who you know are fun and get along well with others. The key being that the number of people on your guest list should not be more that you can accommodate in your house.

You can invite via email, Facebook or a Whatsapp group. When guests know each other, create a whatsapp group. That way they get to see who else is invited, share an Uber and make plans.



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3. Theme

For a Diwali party, everyone usually follows one theme — dressing up traditional. Do check out our post on Diwali outfit ideas.
You can add a twist by making it a Bollywood-themed night for which everyone gets to dress as their favorite B-town character.



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4. Diwali Décor

Diwali is a festival of lights. No Diwali party is complete without decorating your house with enough lights. There are a lot of  clever ways to integrate traditional decorations in your modern party. Instead of diyas, use fairy tea lights to light up your house. Lanterns look really pretty too and can give your house a minimalist look.



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5. Food

Chips & Salsa aren’t your backup option for a party like this. Diwali is a celebration which calls for delicious food. Plan for help, you can hire a cook or order food in. As the host, you wouldn’t want to be running in and out of the kitchen checking on the food. If you really want to add a personal touch, pre-cook a signature dish that you know your guests will love. Go for a traditional Indian spread and keep snacks and appetizers circulating till dinner time.
Remember, you can’t have enough sweets this season, so plan a centerpiece with sweets and dry fruits to offer your guests.


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6. Games

It’s a tradition that Diwali is the time to play cards, dice and do gambling. The practice is an ancient one and is supposed to attract Godess Laxmi, the Godess of Wealth to bestow good fortune. Gambling during Diwali is considered auspicious, and is not about winning or losing. The most played game during Diwali is teen patti, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. You can also invest in a poker set and keep that handy. Those who are not into gambling can opt for many other fun games that can be played in a group.
Check out how to play some of the popular Diwali games here.


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7. Crackers

Bursting crackers with your loved ones is one of the fun parts of a Diwali party, so stock up on crackers for your guests. Avoid crackers that makes noise; instead, opt for the phuljharis, sparklers, charkis and so on. If you have a rooftop, consider pyrotechnique or arial crackers.


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Choose your drinks depending on what your guests prefer. While you must keep some common beverages like juices, soft drinks etc., don’t skip out on the mocktails. Keep a wide options of liquor for your guests, and encourage them to make their own drinks.



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9. Music

No diwali party is a success without the lastest bollywood hits for people to dance to! Compile a list of Bolly tracks that you could play on loop. You can even play music from apps like saavn and gaana, which compile music tracks by playlists.


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10. Gifts

Everyone exchanges gifts during Diwali! If you are a guest at a Diwali party, remember to walk in with a gift.
As a host, you can have a small gift ready for your guests before they leave. Traditionnally, its a box of mixed dry fruits or sweets. You could even gift diyas or candles that you bought at a store or made at home.


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Diwali is all about spreading happiness and there is no greater joy than celebrating with your friends and family under one roof.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali from us!!!

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