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Jean Claude Biguine: Cisteine Treatment Review

cisteine treatment

Anyone who knows me really well, knows I hate curly dry frizzy hair. Having suffered through my childhood with it, I was one of the most excited girls in the world when I discovered rebonding and smoothening. It was almost as if god had personally answered one of my wishes.

But alas, rebonding and smoothening over time, can totally ruin the volume and thickness of your hair, leave it brittle and slow down the growth considerably. This started to play on my mind and I missed having longer hair. On the other hand, being super health conscious, the thought of formaldehyde being applied on my scalp ever so often, left me thinking. My partner Tamanna kept suggesting I go in for the Cisteine treatment at Jean Claude Biguine and swore by the treatment. The best part was it had almost the same effect as straightening but minus the chemical.

cisteine treatment

One fine June morning, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Booking my appointment at Jean Claude was a breeze. They were extremely professional, and called me 15 minutes before my appointment to ensure I would be there on time.

On arriving, I was served some green tea and I was delighted to see my stylist that day Ankit, was someone who had been my stylist for a long time.

About Cisteine

He took time to explain, that Cisteine is actually like a hair spa for hair that has been overexposed to treatments and chemical processes. The most important part being it is chemical-free and does not contain formaldehyde. What I also liked was how he mentioned, that Cisteine is a semi-permanent solution and tends to wear off with every wash, and comes with a shelf life of around 3 months, if taken care of well. It also gives a more natural look, rather than the artificially poker straight hair one tends to get with rebonding.

cisteine treatment

The treatment

He first washed my hair and blow dried it. Then he applied a masque all over for around 20 minutes and wrapped my hair in clear plastic film ensuring there were no creases. He then came back to check and when satisfied removed the plastic.

Next he straightened my hair with a hair straightener, part by part that made it look poker straight. I was asked to leave my hair like this for a day and come back for my hair wash. This was the only part I did not like. My hair smelt of the product and felt a bit sticky.

cisteine treatment

I came back the next day, dying to have my wash and see the results. He washed my hair and dried it, it already felt good but that usually always happens at a salon. I wanted to wait until I had washed at home and naturally air dried to see the real results.

Now three weeks later I can really see the difference. My hair looks a lot more natural, it feels healthier and shinier and the hair fall is much less. It also feels good to know there’s no chemical in my hair.

cisteine treatment

After care

Cisteine treatment is all about the after care as well. I was asked to use the Defabulous Shampoo and Defabulous masque to wash my hair. I was also asked to refrain from hair spas and oiling my hair as that would interfere with the treatment.

cisteine treatment

My experience at Jean Claude Biguine

My experience at Jean Claude Biguine was fantastic. Right from booking my appointment right upto my wash, it was extremely professional and I was extremely satisfied. If you feel you’re hair is feeling tired, dull and lifeless, maybe you should give Cisteine Treament at Jean Claude Biguine a try. As the saying goes, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.”

cisteine treatment



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