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Sugher Guide: 7 ways to make your resume rock!

These days time is always on short supply and potential employers reading your resume may just skim it.  So it is important to make sure your resume stands out!

Here are 7 ways to make an effective resume.

1.Don’t over-complicate things.

Keep the language and everything else in your resume simple. Let it be easy to read and more importantly easy to understand.

2.Don’t be vague

Try and restrict the use of words like hard-working, love to be a team player etc. They are just generic words and pop out in every CV.

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3. List your achievements

You need to let potential employers know what you have achieved in previous roles. Mention this in a tangible way like achieved x amount in numbers or influenced…. Let there be substance to your achievements.

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4.Do not embellish

It is not wise to embellish or lie in your resume. If you lie on skills or qualifications you don’t have, know that it will come back to bite you. Stick to the facts and try and keep it modest.


5. Make it readable

No fancy fonts or Italics please. Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial in size 12 to make it legible for the person reading it. You don’t want to go through all that effort for nothing. It gets quite distracting.


6. Keep it short

Remember, it is not a mini novel, so keep it crisp and to the point. Statistics show the average hiring manager spends only about 6 seconds on a resume. So make it count.

7. Don’t copy paste

Do not borrow a friend’s CV and just copy paste. Take time to create your own personal resume, one that speaks who you are.


Go for it Girl!

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