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Sugher Guide : 10 Makeup Brushes You NEED to have!

“Do you really need that many?” My friends are baffled by the number of makeup brushes I own. To confess, yes I do use most of them. But weather you are new to the world of makeup or have dabbled around the edges for a while, I’m sure you have wondered, what are the brushes you absolutely cannot do without.

So here are 10 Makeup Brushes you absolutely must have!

1. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Use this brush to pack color onto your lid. You can also use the tip of this brush to apply shadow to your lower lash line. I prefer a stiff shader brush that make it easy to pick up and pack on the color.

2. Blending Brush

Hello smoky eyes! The blending brush will blend out harsh lines and help your colors transition flawlessly.

3. Small Angled Brush

The small angled brush is a multi-use tool. The smaller variants are perfect for lining your eyes, but are most often used to fill in eyebrows.

4. Mascara Brush/Eyebrow comb

An important tool to have when grooming your eyebrows is a spoolie. Combing helps groom your eyebrows into shape as well as blend out any eyebrow filling powder or gel you may have used.

5. Angled Face Brush

This brush is just perfect to apply bronzer, contour, and blush. Its angular shape lends itself to applying color along the angles of your cheek bones and the perimeters of your face.

6. Powder Brush

This round fluffy face brush is just perfect for applying powders or blending out face makeup. I use a powder brush for applying translucent powder to set my look.

7. Lip/Concealer Brush

Use this brush for precise application of lipstick/concealer.

8. Liner Brush

These are very thin and tapered so you can apply gel or cream based eyeliners with a lot of control for those perfect cat eyes.

9. Stippling brush

Traditionally used in foundation application a good stippling brush is an effective tool for blending and buffering after makeup for that flawless finish.

10. Foundation brush

Everyone has a choice for applying foundation. Some prefer fingers, some the foundation brush while others favor a large sponge like blender. The key is that it is about your comfort.

Remember that building a good tool kit ie. your brush set is as important as the makeup you own. Using the right brushes can help achieve that flawless look that we all want! Though when it comes to choosing a brand or the types of makeup brush, remember, price does not always mean performance.


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