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How To Get Your Manicure To Last SO Long You Get Bored Of It!

Chipped nails are the WORST!! And if your nails chip away 2 days later then that is such a waste of time! Here is how you can extend the life of your manicure and keep the looking fresh for SO long that you will be bored of them before they chip, and your nails will definitely thank you for it 🙂

1. Shape up

If its time to trim and shape your nails, do it now. Shorter, shaped and trimmed nails are less likely to break or chip, helping those talons shine bright.

2. Push the cuticles back

Pushing your cuticles allows the paint to be lifted from the nail leading to chipping. Push your cuticles back with a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.

3. Prep ’em

Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with Nail varnish before applying basecoat. This removes any product buildup, natural oils or moisturizer on your nail bed that could create a barrier between the polish. Once your nails dry, apply basecoat.

4. Polish them

Edges can often be missed. While painting your nails, ensure you cover all of them. 2-3 thin coats of nail polish gets the right color and makes them stay. Let each coat dry before putting the next.
Here is the right way to wear polish:


5. Top Coat is Your Best Friend

After you are done with polishing them, go over with the top coat 2 times to make sure that they are protected. If you are particularly prone to chipping you can even apply a layer on just the front part of your nails between the layers of top coat.

6. Apply top coat every few days!

This is a definite trick to make that polish last really long. In your normal course of the day, your top layer tends to wear off soon, leaving the nail polish exposed. So go ahead and apply a layer of top coat every 3 days or so.



Dont shake your nailpolish bottle up and down. Instead roll it between your hands to eradicate those air bubbles.


If your nails start chipping at the tips file them to get rid of the no-nailpaint area and re-seal with top coat.

Wear gloves while doing heavy duty work like dishes or gardening.

If you are out for a holiday, know that glitter polish lasts longer than regular polish and matte polish chips faster.

Stay Beautiful!

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