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Matte vs Glitter: My current nail obsessions

Nail Polish Review-Glitter and Matte Nails

It’s always the opposites that fascinate us the most. Like the cute frills of a summer dress and the edginess of leather pants; the soft melt in your mouth cheese cake and the spicy burn of chicken wings 😉
I think we all have some internal opposites of our own… Some days I am the serene, always been too mature for my age girl, and on others a teenager who wants to party all the way till sunrise!
And these opposite facets of my personality also have their own tastes in fashion… and nail polish!

Currently I have been obsessing over the elegance of matte finish beige nails and the flirty fun of textured glitter nails…


Here is the matte nail polish I am crushing on!


Matte Nail Polish Review Loreal
I got this look by wearing the shade L’OREAL Paris Color Riche Mauvelous 320 along with their matte top coat.


 L’OREAL Paris Color Riche Mauvelous 320 Nail Polish Review


Nail Polish Review-Loreal Matte Top Coat


Mauvelous is rich beige nail polish with a hint of blush undertones. Sometimes, I feel like I could live with just this one color for the rest of my life (But then who am I kidding!). The mattifying top coat by L’oreal will instantly turn any of your existing nail polishes into matte perfection. I love this look for my nails when I do an all matte finish in my makeup… Which I have been doing a little too often!


Here is the glitter nail polish for the party girl in me… 😉


Glitter Texture Nails


This gorgeous textured glitter nail polish is by ColorBar Fluid Sand Nail Lacquer in the color ‘Stay With Me’.

Textured nail paint actually feels like I have sand on my nails.



ColorBar Fluid Sand Nail Polish Review



Colorbar Fluid Sand - Stay With Me


This silver-purple toned nail polish really sparkles well… And sometimes all you need is sparkling nails to get you in the mood to party 😉


So which one are you, a matte or glitter girl?

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