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10 Sex Tips For Men… From The Bedroom of Real Women

Sex Tips

You don’t need a special occasion to go all-out in the bedroom. The key to unleashing her greatest orgasm and to keep things exciting is to not be afraid in trying out new stuff. Just like any other skill, being good in bed takes practice. To make it easier, we at Sugher asked real women for tips that that can elevate your game!

1. Ask Her!

The key to having great sex is to really listen to your girl. Do you actually know what she wants between the sheets? Have you ever asked her? This is one of the simplest ways to help your girl achieve the big-O. Maybe she has a fantasy that you can act out. What ever it is know that you don’t have to impress her with all your moves in one day.

2. Care about her pleasure

When you ask her what she likes in bed you automatically show her her pleasure matters. Even if you are in a causal relationship.

3. Know that all women are different

Did you know there are women who have never experienced an orgasm or some who fake it in the bedroom. What one women likes may not work for another. Spend some time getting to know your partners body, what they like and what makes them uncomfortable.

4. Indulge in her fantasies… and maybe share some of your own!

Many women have fantasies that they may or may not share with their partner. Talking about sex particularly fantasies is often hard for a lot of people. Try to open her up by sharing your desires and ask what hers are.

5. Talk Dirty

This is just not a bed room tip. Try dropping her a message in between work to let her know you are thinking of her… The anticipation of what’s to come keeps things excited in the bedroom.


6. Focus your passion on her

Focus and explore her body. Pay attention to getting on with foreplay instead of being in a hurry to get to sex. Women will let you know what they think of your moves with moans of approval, or even a slight nudge.

7. Touch her – Everywhere

Never under estimate the power of stimulating a women’s erogenous zones. The neck, the ears and behind the knees are a few. Pay attention to what makes her responsive.

8. Learn to navigate her G-spot

This location of almost mythical proportions is a sure shot way of getting her to that orgasm. Instead of touching her blind, or rubbing it raw, scoop down to see what you are actually doing. If you are lost on the location don’t hesitate to take her help about where it is and how she would like to be pleasured.

9. Make her feel beautiful

Due to constant media portrayals and unrealistic photo shopping women can often be insecure about that extra love handle, or that not-so-flat abs. While men aren’t responsible for making women feel more self-confident, they can help her feel more comfortable in the vulnerable moment. Compliment her and let her know the specific things you love about her body.

10. No distractions… Please

Looking into your phone, talking all the time in bed or not having that daily shower can be a cause of distraction or even a turn-off. Dim the lights, wear her favorite perfume and set a sexy background tune to get her in the mood.

Leave her daydreaming about you with these tips!

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