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Sugher Guide: 7 Ancient beauty secrets

However modern we get, the best secrets are always in our ancient rituals. Slowly we are returning to foods our ancestors used to eat, ways of living and of course beauty secrets. These are easy to use ingredients and definitely work like miracles.


Turmeric is literally a miracle worker. The west is discovering it now what with their “turmeric lattes” and the like. Have a pimple. Apply a bit of turmeric mixed with water. It completely dries up and the best part, leaves no scar! Perfect right?

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2. Honey

Honey is known for all the good things it does. But did you know it can also be used as an anti-cellulite mask. Just spread on the troubled area, spread your palm and tear away. Repeat this.

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3. Baths

The ancient Roman woman used to spend hours taking a bath and alternating between hot and cold water. This actually helps build immunity. Better yet you spend hours chatting so its good for your skin and like
having a therapy session.

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4. Sugaring

The source of sugaring is unknown, but it was used for generations for depilating. The best part, the effects are long-lasting.

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5.Olive Oil

Olive oil is also known as the golden oil because of the multitudes of its benefits. Use it for anything from cooking to a moisturiser and see the best results.

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6. Sour cream

Yes sour cream, one the mexican main staples can be used to make your hands soft. Wash with it regularly and see the difference.

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7. Cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves have been used for centuries especially for breastfeeding women. They can be applied directly and ease inflammation and pain.

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Who would have thought such simple ingredients can actually help as part of your beauty routine. Let us know if you tried any of these secrets. And remember there is nothing better than ancient wisdom!

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