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Sugher Guide: Modern day socialising

Remember when we were young and our parents taught us to say “thank you”. Or when we did something inappropriate we got reprimanded. Times have changes drastically since then and unfortunately adults don’t have anyone telling them what is right, wrong or downright rude in today’s world.

So here is our guide to modern day socialising.

1.Never talk about the money your making

You have a great salary, that’s wonderful, but no one needs to know just how many zeroes are getting deposited into your bank every month. Please keep this under wraps.

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2. Do not stare at your phone while having a conversation

This is probably something we all see happening. People are trying to talk to each other and we have one person just constantly scrolling to their phone. This is downright offensive to the person talking.

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3. When someone shows you something on their phone, don’t start going through their entire phone

This has happened to me several times as well, when you show someone a picture all of a sudden they start going through your entire gallery. Phones are personal. Please respect the other’s person’s privacy.

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4. Do not stare

Yes, you may find someone attractive, you might like what they are wearing, but staring? That is just plain creepy. If you really want to look a discreet side stare will work better.

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5. Treat people nicely

No matter if its a celebrity or a waiter, always treat people respect. Remember how you treat them is how they will treat you.

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6. Do not talk on speakerphone in public

Speaking on loudspeaker in public is a nuisance. No one wants to hear your personal conversations. In fact its better to speak as discreetly as possible.

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7. Always pay your share of the tab

Never expect someone else to pay your share unless they have specifically taken you out. We have an entire post on money etiquette which you can read here: Sugher Guide to Money Etiquette 

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8. Never refuse a mint

When someone offers you a mint, always take it. If you have foul breath it will help, and if you don’t you can just enjoy the mint.

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We hope our guide to modern day etiquette helps you navigate the world of socialising! Remember good manners never go out of style!


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