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Sugher Guide: Office Romance

Statistics show that 1 in 10 people are currently dating a co-worker. 16% of people have a spouse they met at work and 59% say they would have an office romance. Different companies have different policies regarding this controversial topic, but when you work in close proximity sparks are bound to fly. Spending more than 6 hours with your colleagues day after day, eating with them, being in stressful meetings and of course spending idle time just chit-chatting.

So what happens, when you fall in love at work.

1.Keep it professional

Yes, this sounds absurd but its true. Try and be as professional as possible in the workplace. No lovey-dovey pet names, no making eyes at him and definitely no public spats.

2.Confide in a few colleagues

Office romances generate a lot of gossip. It makes people turn into FBI-detectives and trust me, stories can be made of out anything. Tell a few close colleagues, so that a bit of the excitement wears off and that will help to calm the storm. Remember especially when it’s a romance between two people at different levels on the corporate ladder, it is bound to create controversy.

3.Be careful with e-mails

Remember people have access to emails, and hitting the wrong send button can get your whole building talking about how you like your strawberries and cream. Stick to good old phone messages or personal e-mail ids.

4.Your appearance

Yes, you’re in love and want to impress your partner. But ALWAYS stick to professional clothing at work. The whole office will be watching your every move anyway, so don’t let your clothes give it away. Keep your slinky numbers for when you are out on a date.

5.Make sure its serious

So the thing with office romances is, its kind of having all your eggs in one basket. Your job, your relationship and your friends so unless you’re sure this is serious, steer clear. Remember if the whole thing ends badly, it might just backfire.

6.Double check the company policy

Like I mentioned, different companies have different policies regarding in-office romance, so make sure that your office doesn’t frown upon relationships between colleagues.

7.Sex at the workplace

This may be one of the most interesting parts of having an office romance and can definitely get the excitement up. Remember that offices have a lot of cameras and surveillance, and you do not want to get caught on camera. That is a whole different can of worms.

8.Try and make it official

If you guys are really serious, try and make it official. That way the gossip dies down and people start to take you seriously. Of course, given this is something that both of you would like.

A lot of people are in happy relationships with the people they met at work. So you never really know. But one thing’s for sure your secret office romance is most often never really a secret. So tread carefully, love is a fire and whether it is going to warm your heath or burn down your house you never know.

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