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Sugher Guide: Partying Etiquette

We’ve all attended at least a couple of parties in our lifetime. Some have been ragers and the others plain boring. But have you wondered what exactly is the right partying etiquette? Or for that matter has there ever been a time when you’ve felt squeamish watching the way others behave. Read on to get 7 tips on the right partying etiquette.


When you receive an invite to a party and you know you are going, take a second to let your host know and confirm your presence. It is hard to know how much food to make/order without having an approximate count. The first rule of partying etiquette is to let your host know whether you will be going or not.

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2. Ask your host if they need you to bring something.

Depending on your closeness to the host, it is always nice to ask them if they would like you to bring something. Anything from a dip to dessert, that can take the load off them a little. Chances are they would most likely say no, but hey it should not stop you from asking.

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3. Don’t arrive too late or too early

It isn’t nice to arrive too late or too early to a party. The hosts will be doing last-minute touches and getting ready themselves so it is better you arrive nicely in time. Being too late will also be disrespectful so try and plan it accordingly.

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4.Take something for the host

It’s always nice to take something small for the host. Throwing a party is a lot of hard work and receiving a small token of appreciation will make their day. Carry a bottle of wine or some flowers, keeping in mind the host’s preferences.

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5. Be sociable

When we go to a party we tend to stick to the people we already know. This is your chance to meet new people so go out there and strike up a conversation, you never know you might just meet a really nice person. On the other hand, if you see someone looking out of place and awkward, try to include them in your conversation. It can be hard to go to a party and not know anybody. By the way this will also be a huge favor you can do for your host.

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6. Keep your phone usage to a minimum

Remember you are at a party to speak to other people, not be poking away at your phone or talking on it. It is rude for both the host and the other guests at the party, so unless its really urgent, sure you can browse instagram on your own time.

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7. Say thank you

When you are about to leave, you do not have to make a public announcement, but make sure you personally go up to the hosts and thank them for their hospitality.

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Hopefully with this knowledge, you can stop worrying about the etiquette and enjoy the PARTAYY!!

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