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Sugher Guide : How To Rock A Backless Dress

A-listers, celebrities, bloggers showcase this evergreen trend of statement backs. The trend is so hot that anyone would want to try it. Wearing backless is a great way to show your sexy side without looking too revealing or slutty. However, backless dresses uses little fabric so there is also a huge chance of a wardrobe malfunction.
If you are planning to wear a backless dress, check out our tips and advice how to rock a backless dress.

1.Prep Your Back

Since you will be showing so much of your back you need to make it look stunning on the day you are going to wear the backless dress. Exfoliate your back to get rid of dead skin so your back can glow while you flaunt your back. Moisturise generously to hydrate your skin.

Quick Fix
If you haven’t fixed the skin on your back in time, don’t worry. You can take help of makeup. Concealers are a great option for fixing scars or backne. There are also medicated concealers available that will work to conceal any scars or tan lines.

2.The Right lingerie

This is the make or break deal while wearing a backless dress. There are several options in the market. The right bra should be chosen according to the style of dress.

First option is the bra with low clasp. It will fit the areas around the waist and will support the great well enough.

The second option is the bra with the clasp that go around the neck. Several styles of backless dresses cover the neck and only have the cut on a specific area of the back, thus allowing the clasp of the bra to hide underneath the section covering the neck.Finally, the silicon bra the doesn’t have shoulder and back straps. This can be used when the dress style has a deep plunge and strapless shoulders.

3.Correct Fit

The dress you buy needs to be your exact size. A size up or down will ruin the fit and desired look. The dress needs to be your body type flattering and should give your back the perfect arch. The dresses will come with straps that you can adjust the fit.http://wedding

4.Practice Proper Posture

Be conscious of your posture while you are carrying out the dress. Hold your head high, your shoulder back, and chest out. Straight posture will come across as confident and attractive.

5.Wear Your Hair Up

When you wear a backless you want the attention on your back so pull up your hair on top. It’ll give an edge to your look too.

Hope this tips and tricks help you take the plunge and rock a backless dress. Don’t forget to write to us about the compliments you received when you wore your backless dress. Also we have put down some of our favourite tried and tested plunge back looks. Go out there and bring sexy back!

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