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Sugher Guide: What to wear on your first tinder date

Times are changing, and practically everything happens online including dating. In today’s age of online dating, we are dressing for that first face-face date. Don’t be worried. We’ve got you covered on what goes down and what must we wear on that first tinder date?

1.Be yourself

I think having an online persona allows you to hide behind something, but its really important to be yourself on your first date. So wear what makes you happy. That is if you want to ensure a second date.

2. Wear confidence

If you feel hot in skinny jeans and heels go for it. If athleisure makes you feel like you look totally hot go for it. Wear what makes you feel good because then that will make you exude confidence. All that confidence online can be taken offline too!!

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3. Wear a trusted outfit.

Wear something that has worked for you before. Then you would know how it looks and any other technical issues there might be with the outfit. This way you can avoid tears and wardrobe malfunctions.

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4. Know the venue.

Do some research about where you are going. That way you can choose your outfit appropriately. You don’t want to end up looking too over-dressed or under-dressed.

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5. The rule is: Eat in, breathe in, walk in

You need to make sure that you wear something that you can eat in, breathe in and walk in because you never know where you may end up depending on how the date goes.


6. Wear a smile

Remember happy girls are the prettiest, so wear your best smile and go out and knock that guy’s socks off.

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Remember to go out and have a good time. It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? But then what if it does?

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