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Sugher Guide: Workout Etiquette

workout etiquette

In today’s day and age most people are super fitness-conscious. Everyone is doing some form of a workout or the other from pilates to yoga to your regular gym-routine etc. Interestingly 38% of new year’s resolutions also include some kind of fitness plan. So it would be safe to say that workout etiquette is definitely a must-know and more importantly a must-practise.

1.Sanitise the equipment you use

Most gyms are communal, so you are not the only one using the equipment. The unwritten gym rule is “if you use it, you wipe it”. Whether it be the treadmill or cross-trainer, please wipe down the machines you use. Nobody wants your sweat on their hands. Literally!

workout etiquette

2. Respect others personal space.

You might like talking ten to a dozen while working out, but not everyone feels the same way. Headphones and lack of eye contact means the person really wants to be left alone. Respect their space and let them enjoy their workout.

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3. Don’t stare at others working out

The guy next to you might look really hot doing his bench presses, but the gym is not the place to ogle. Please focus on your own workout. Trust me you might just catch his attention then, rather than staring at him.

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4. Be on time

If you are attending a group pilates or yoga class, make sure you are 10-15 mins early. Don’t arrive late and disrupt the entire class. It is rude and not in good taste.

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5. Personal hygiene

Yes, the gym is a place where you can’t avoid perspiration, but make sure you carry deodorant and spray it liberally before you start working out. You don’t anyone collapsing in the gym because of you.

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6. Don’t judge

You may be the fittest, hottest person in the room, but don’t judge. The gym is a place where everyone is trying to better themselves so be kind and give everyone a chance.

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7. Gym Selfie etiquette

The gym is one of the most popular places to take a selfie, but remember to check the background while doing so. Also try and avoid places where other people’s privacy is involved. More importantly work harder in the gym than on the pose. Just saying!

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So next time you hit the gym make sure you follow these rules. Remember if you’re strong enough to lift it, you’re strong enough to clean it and strong enough to put it back! Go pump some iron!

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