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Sugher Review: MoringaWhat

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa Oeifera, also known as the Drumstick tree. The natural goodness of Moringa oil dates back thousands of years. The Egyptians recognised the natural protective properties of Moringa oil and used it protect their skin from the harsh desert conditions.Today the oil is getting popular in the cosmetic industry purely because of its excellent anti-ageing and exfoliant properties.

moringa oil

Benefits Of Moringa Oil

Skin Care Benefits

– Moringa oil is a nutrient dense oil known for its anti-ageing properties. It is also packed with antioxidants thats slows the ageing process.
– The oil is also known for its outstanding properties for curing acne, dark sports and black heads.
– Moringa oil fights against skin fatigue and oil secretion. This oil purifies your skin internally and also brings a natural shine to your face.

moringa oil

Hair Care Benefits

– Moringa oil can also be used as a natural serum to bring shine and to strengthen your hair.
– It can be used to moisturise and deep condition your hair. With regular use of Moringa oil, hair can be hydrated and rejuvenated from deep within.
– Damaged ends, dandruff and dryness can be treated with moringa oil.

Other Benefits

– Moringa oil is also know to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to treat minor cuts, burns, insect bites and skin infection.
– The ethanol extracts of moringa leaf helps in stimulating the immune system.
– Moringa is an anticancer agent and is highly valued in tumour therapy.

moringa oil

Sugher review

With so many benefits from Moringa oil we had to try to experience it ourselves. While we were looking around for the best moringa oil, we discovered MoringaWhat.

MoringaWhat is a brand that offers 100% pure extraction of the Moringa Oleifera seeds. It is a pure cold pressed oil. The company has also collaborated with the small holding farmers with the aim to support them.

The packaging of MoringaWhat is what grabbed my attention at first. It comes in a bamboo bottle wrapped in a jute bag.This upholds what the brands stands for, sustainability. Better yet ,it comes in a travel sized bottle which makes it convenient to carry it around.

moringa oil

I have very sensitive skin and I am usually averse to trying new products on my skin. But since it came strongly recommended by a friend of mine, and her husband has a skin condition similar to mine, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. As always recommended, I did a patch test on my inner elbow with the oil, and when that went well, proceeded to apply it on legs and hands.

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Skin Care Review :

It is an oil, that is light and non sticky but has the distinct aroma of the Moringa plant. You could put it on your body and fall asleep without too much of a hassle.  I found it made my skin softer and was easily absorbed. After I found it making a difference I used the oil as a night serum and I could see a visible difference where my skin under my eyes was supple and softer

moringa oilimage

Hair Care Review:

I also used it on my lashes and eye brows to moisturise and promote hair growth. I definitely noticed the hair growth on my eye brows was faster than usual. After wetting my hair I used the oil to massage my scalp, it acted as a deep conditioner and hydrated my hair. I experienced my hair being a lot more lustrous than before.

It is a must try for anyone who loves trying new products but are afraid of the effects as moringa oil is rather allergy resistant. Moringa oil has a long shelf life for upto 3 years, which gives it all the more reason to stock up the product.

One of the biggest plus points, is the fact that the oil is extracted sustainably, and the brand promotes small-farmer holdings. A blend of ancient knowledge with a mindset of sustainability. It s a win-win for me! So ladies, grab your Moringa What today at to experience the benefits yourself. For those of you who have already benefited from Moringa oil write to us on how you use your oil. Make sure you don’t miss out on any updates by signing up for our newsletter.

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