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Sugher Review: Teotema Hairbuilding package

How do you choose your shampoo? You opt for the one Sonam Kapoor endorses? The one a celebrity hair dresser suggests? The choice is ambivalent.

I was introduced to Teotema rebuilding package as I am in constant search of the best shampoo in a flooded market with a zillion options.

About Teotema Hairbuilding Package:

I was introduced to Teotema rebuilding package. It is a structural hair rebuilding programme. The main component in the package is keratin and green walnut. I have crazy curly hair with a mind of its own. Curly hair usually tends be drier than straight hair. I constantly style hair with blow drys and straightener. This means I need a double duty shampoo and conditioning mask that would restore structure and resilience to my hair.

First of all, it is important to note that you can’t get a good feel whether a shampoo is going to work for you until you see how your hair and scalp react over time. I have been using Teotema rebuilding shampoo and mask for over two months, and have only good things to say about my experience.


Seriously, this stuff is magic. Once upon a time I had rather dull, frizzy hair. I thought this is just the reality that I should accept. Not all of us can have straight, silky, shiny hair like Sofia Vergara. This myth was busted once I started using Teotema rebuilding shampoo.

With this rebuilding shampoo, my hair was healthy and nourished. I did not have dry ends. I can go longer between washes. Used to wash my hair every other day. Now i can wash once in two three days. My scalp does not have any build up, and it is not itchy. It has got really amazing smell and makes you want to keep smelling your own hair all day long.









Followed by a shampoo step two is rebuilding mask. The mask recondition and reconstruct the hair fiber by a shampoo step two is rebuilding mask. It helps recondition and reconstruct the hair fiber. This mask should be left on for 10 mins post shampoo. The mask acts like a deep conditioner. This steps really helps to hydrate your hair and eliminate dry ends. Despite being light weight, it really gets thru my toughest of tangles.





Step three is a fortifying fluid with natural keratin extracts. You have to apply post conditioner and leave it on to rebuild, rejuvenate and restore your hair. This final step is crucial so it locks in the moisture. Additional shine and gloss is added to you hair, making it lustrous.

TheTeotema rebuilding package  should be a part of your routine  to have good hair day everyday.

You can currently get Teotema rebuilding package only on

I am really excited for you to try these wonderful shampoos and conditioners. Let me know what questions you may have and how you liked them in the comments. But remember, give them a couple a months before you make up your mind.

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