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12 Things To Do After You Find Out You Are Pregnant!

Yay! You peed on a stick and the lines turned positive. You and your husband are on cloud nine, already making calls to close family members. But what follows after?

Here are 12 things to do after finding out that you are pregnant.

1. Visit Your Gynecologist / OBGYN

If you hadn’t picked one before. Now is the time. Don’t wait for the 9th month to decide on one! You will want to discuss your family history and any health concerns you have, along with prenatal medications to take.

2. Buy Pregnancy Books

If you are not a bookish person you can even rely on websites and apps. These apps/books will keep you updated on what you and your baby will be going through week by week and are just perfect for new moms.
Buy “What To Expect” Book here.

3. Decide On Who Needs To Know

Most people right now will come under a “Need-to-know basis”. Until you finally decide to share with the world or reach the time of the Big Tell. Read more on how to plan that perfect announcement for friends, family and social media here.

4. Document Your Pregnancy

You are going to be experiencing so many moments that are special in the next few months, decide on how to document them. Starting a pregnancy journal is one way. Note the changes you are experiencing, or even something for the baby to read when they grow up.

5. Take Pictures

This is another way to document your pregnancy and capture those special moments. Before you know it, you are going to be bigger than ever. Start by taking pictures or videos week by week or even month by month. Believe me, it will be fun!

6. Check Off On Your To-Do’s

Try to finish things that have been lounging that To-Do list forever! After the baby comes, you will not have the energy, time or mind space to work on that.

7. Make A Work Out Plan

There are many exercises that you can easily do during pregnancy. In fact staying fit now is a great way to get back in shape after baby, along with a healthier pregnancy and easier delivery.

8. Stop Shopping!

Seriously, your body shape is going to keep changing from here on. So only buy clothes that are open, free or stretchable.

9. Make Notes

Ever heard of pregnancy brain? Right after finding out about the baby, my head seemed to be getting fuzzier. What I thought was the excitement turned out to be a common side-effect during pregnancy. So note everything, from questions that you have for doctors or that grocery list.

10. Start Eating Healthy

If there was ever a time to switch to a healthier diet, its now. Eat healthy for yourself and your little one. Start by adopting healthier habits and not just in your diet, but also your beauty routine.

11. Start Loving Your Body

We all have had a love/ hate relationship with our body at some point. Yes, you are going to gain weight during pregnancy and your body is going to feel things you hadn’t even heard of. But don’t be scared. Start accepting that things are going to be different, and the changes you experience will be a testament to the amazing things your body is capable of.

12. Find Your Zone

There is a lot that will be on your plate. Between work, doctor visits and planning baby stuff, life is probably going to put you through one of your toughest phases. To add to that the hormonal changes your body goes through may mean that you are more emotional and sensitive than any PMS you had ever experienced and the anxiety about the d-day will be higher than any exam phobia. But stay calm and stay strong! Rely on the support of your partner, friends and family. This is the perfect time to start a meditation routine if you haven’t had one yet.

Congratulations on being pregnant! Yes, even when you have planned for it, to find out that you are pregnant can be one helluva roller coaster. Just try to sit back and enjoy it 🙂

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and on a countdown on my To-Do list!

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