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Traffic Jams of a Different Kind

constipation home remedy
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Irritability, headaches and feeling bloated!! These could be signs that your bowels aren’t moving smoothly, and yes this isn’t the most glamorous topic and not exactly a conversation starter.

If you are eating please stop! As you can guess this isn’t dinner table conversation.

The trick to a good day is to make sure you finish your business first thing in the morning so that the rest of your day is smooth and sunshiny for you and everyone who interacts with you. Also lets admit, there’s no better feeling than having a nice long shit!

What we forget is that we keep uploading and uploading and completely forget to download or find it hard to download.

What I’ve learnt and shared here are some simple tips to help your intestine in facilitating your bowels and keeping both you and your bowels happy!

 1. Avoid heavy starch in the night.

It is best to eat things that are light, and better to have it early rather than very late in the night. It’s equivalent to forgetting to take out the trash or dirty dishes in the sink, it’s all still there as it was in the morning!

eating heavy

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2. Drink a lot of water.

While there are a lot of articles that say 8 glasses, your body will differ and you will need to listen to your body and figure out the ideal amount for yourself! Trust me this helps a lot. Hydrating yourself is the most underestimated health booster!


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3. Eat a healthy dinner

Try and have a combination of protein and fibre at night, like chicken breast, fish, vegetable etc. that will help your bowels move. I almost never eat bread or a sandwich at night. Especially pizza, the combination of flour and no fibre turns it into concrete in my stomach. It just does not move!


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4. Try healthy dessert options

Post dinner instead of chocolate have a couple of dates and dry fruits to help digestion and provide sufficient fibre. I’ve personally made this a healthy habit and it works!


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5. Natural Laxative to the rescue

The day you’re really stuck, have a cup of coffee and it will help your journey along quickly. Caffine is one of the most effective natural laxatives! I usually turn to this solution, when all else fails and I absolutely need to go.


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6. Make a habit

The most important thing is to make sure you got it moving like clockwork. When you regulate your timing, your body gets used to it and helps it along. This will also prevent any rude surprises, like feeling like you need to go while in a meeting or in a place where you can’t take a dump!


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Don’t forget to take pleasure in taking a poop, believe me it eases a lot of pressure!!

These may seem like some basic things but these natural remedies for constipation really make a difference! Trust me, it’s a pleasure to have everything flying out of there once and rather than feeling bloated all day long!


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