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Sugher Guide: 10 ways to get over a break-up

ways to get over breakup

We’ve all been there at some point, when the love of our life becomes just another person, and the relationship we treasured so deeply is now a thing of the past. Whether it was crazy love or the kind of love that changed your life, the cold hard truth is, it hurts when its over. Studies show a break-up can actually affect you mentally and physically and make you feel ill. Time heals even the deepest wounds, but darling until you reach there, here are ways to help you get over that break up when you are at ground zero.

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1. Talk, Talk, Talk.

You may feel like talking about him all the time, the good times, the bad and the memories you shared. This is when your girlfriends come in. Nothing like a deep heart to heart with your bestie. Realistically this heart to heart may happen more than once, but don’t despair and don’t bottle up your feelings. That will end up being a disaster.

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2. Cut off all contact

Till you get over your pain, its unhealthy to stay in touch. It is the hardest thing to do, because suddenly they become the person you want to talk to the most in the world. But stay away from calls, texts and any contact.

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3. Avoid stalking

It’s the most tempting thing to do, checking when he was online last on whatsapp, what posts he like on facebook and who he’s making new friends with. It is okay if you do it once in a while, but let it not become a habit. Infact its best to try and block him on social media for a while if possible. Resist the temptation and stay strong.

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4. Review the relationship

Now that the rose tinted glasses are off, see the relationship for what it really was. We sometimes tend to idealize relationships, specially the ones gone by, without looking at it what it really was. This will help give you a better perspective on why it didn’t work out.

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5. One-night stands and rebounds

As tempting it might be to wash away the hurt of a relationship lost, one night stands and rebounds can be an absolute disaster as you will end up feeling worse about yourself in the morning. A rebound may help only temporarily, but can often increase your feelings of rejection so avoid jumping into a relationship at least until you are feeling better about yourself. Flirting on the other hand can often be therapeutic and make you feel better about yourself. 😉

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6. Exercise

Exercise is seriously one of the most under-utilized anti-depressants. Working out releases endorphins and makes you feel happy. Since you also may be missing the wonderful effects of physical intimacy, this is the perfect solution. Besides what’s better than wearing a pair of hot workout clothing and making sure you are hotter and fitter than when you were dating.

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7. Seek professional help

If this relationship was really everything and you are feeling totally lost, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. A therapist giving you an unbiased perspective could be just what you need. Besides they may question your behavioural patterns or your partner’s which will be a very helpful insight.

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8. Get a new haircut.

Breakups can have us feeling really rejected. We may also be feeling terrible or insecure about ourselves. Easy solution to this problem, get a new haircut or a makeover. It will leave you feeling better and you have a new look as well.

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9. Look towards the future

Believe that things happens for a reason and once the pain subsides, there is something new on the horizon. You will love again and have other relationships, you need to believe that time heals all.

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10. Embrace yourself and your new beginning

When we are in a relationship, we tend to think of ourselves as part of an entity and very often see very little of ourselves. A break-up is a good time to embrace ourselves as who we are. It also gives you a chance to understand yourself so by the time the next relationship comes you are on top of your A game.

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Ladies, I hope this helps you with the pain that you are going through. Stay positive and know that every relationship teaches you something. Look at it this way, if this relationship didn’t bring what you want, at least you know what you don’t want.

Its time to get over the breakup and know that you are loved! ❤

Do leave us a comment and let us know how you dealt with your breakup!

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